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Useful Belongings Every Student Might Find in Their Grannys Attic

Somehow elderly people have a reputation for being nutritious collectors. Collectors of clutter. Well, it’s not exactly true, of course. Though, with age, people do tend to grow a little more sentimental. This often encourages them to keep things that normally they would have thrown away. Additionally, elderly people may remember the hardships of getting the fortune they have earned over the years. The journeys towards the lives we want to have are rarely easy. This is why elderly people, especially grandmothers who want to take care of the future of the children, want to preserve many hard-earned items for future generations. So don’t be hard on your granny for collecting all sorts of things. In fact, go ahead and look at what they have kept there for you. We bet, there will be a lot of things you’ll find quite useful even in your college life today.


Starting with the most obvious, all our grannies are avid readers. Of course, during their time it was one of the main forms of entertainment. The years have passed, their eyesight may not be the same, the books they loved dearly have moved to the attic. Well, it is time to see what it stores. Some of your granny’s favorite books may be quite a treasure to you. Literally. If you can find the first edition of any famous authors, you can earn a fortune out of it. Also, even leaving behind the thought of the old-fashioned treasure hunt, there can be many interesting books. Perhaps, there is the last century medical guide that can help medical students nowadays. Maybe, there are pamphlets of political rallies that you study in your history classes. I once even managed to do my math assignment with the help of my granny’s old textbook. It worked perfectly fine. Perhaps, there is simply a book that you might enjoy reading. See it for yourself.

Vintage clothes

These days, vintage clothes are having a huge come back. More and more people learn to appreciate the lesser-known designers of the past. We have no doubt that your granny did keep some of her favorite clothes somewhere in the attic. Go ahead and give that cloth a second chance in life. Trust me, after half an hour at that attic you’d think, “I should do my math homework online tonight, I don’t want to leave this attic that early”. You won’t even notice how fast time flies.


They don’t do glass items like that anymore. We can surely state that. There is something so unique, so touching, and so nostalgic in the old-days glassware. Of course, your grandmother has kept some of her favorite glassware in the attic, for the better times, as they all like to say. Such glassware can add style and glamour to your dorm room. You can use it as decor items, or actually serve drinks in vintage glassware for some special guests.


Old family photos can be exactly what you need in your new dorm room. You may feel lonely or lost at times. Having a family tree with photos of your family and ancestors will brighten up your mood. It will remind you that we are never really alone. You may even find a custom essay writer to add some backstories to the photos, to create a fuller picture. Anyway, it can be a great addition to your room decor at college.

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