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The Maine Antique Dealer Directory, published every January, contains the names, addresses, and phone numbers of practically every antique dealer in Maine. Also included are directions to make the shop easy to find and a list of the types of antiques and collectibles carried.

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IMAGE HOSTING : Use this site to store photos used in internet auctions, classifie ads, and web pages.

APPRAISALS AND INFORMATION: Use our ANTIQUE FORUM to get free appraisals or information on the age and value of an antique. Use this page with confidence. All replies come directly to you. Only the request is for public view.

SEARCH ENGINE : Search by antique type, town and/or city name, dealer and/or shop name to find a specific antique or collectible and any antique dealer or shop.

TOWN LIST : Download a list of antique shops in any Maine town or city by clicking on the name of that town.

CATEGORY LIST : Download a list of shops that carry a specific antique or collectible by clicking on the name of that item. 1,000's of antiques and collectible items to choose from.

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